Meaningful business

Create positive impact with sustainable projects, embedded in the organization and in cooperation with partners in the value chain.  

Strategy, integration en implementation

New Energy Consulting supports your company to develop a sustainability strategy, with the right focus on relevant topics. Sustainability topics where your company can have impact or topics that could have impact on the future growth or existence of your organization.  We translate this into relevant projects, that support your strategy, have a positive impact on the environment or society and create new business opportunities.  We encourage working in multidisciplinary teams, with members of your own organization and business partners in the value chain, highlighting the relevance of sustainability for their own area of responsibility and the valuable contribution of their expertise and skills. This will increase employee engagement, motivation and successful integration.

Type of projects

  • Development of your sustainablity strategy, with a clear selection of relevant focus areas
  • Translate your sustainability strategy into clear targets for the each department
  • Translate your strategy into relevant projects in your organization and support succesful execution
  • Support teams to explore their added value of sustainability and how they can embed sustainability in their way of working to make it beneficial and valuable
  • Initatiate and support collaborative change, projects with stakeholders to create positive change, product innovation and new business models.