Meaningful innovations

Develop products and services with a positive impact. Create new value propositions. 

Companies can make impact on the society by the products and services they offer. Sustainability can be a driver for innovations with a postive impact. These innovations can vary from using more sustainable materials or reducing the energy consumption up to products and services that stimulate more sustainable behavior or have a postive impact on the society.

Sustainable innovations require consumer research, a good understanding of the value chain and collaboration of the different potential stakeholders.

New Energy Consulting supports multidisciplinary teams to develop new sustainable propositions, new business models an products and services with a positive impact for both the company as the society  Starting point is the societal role of the organization or brand, a create analysis of the environmental and social issues and consumer insights.

Type of products

  • Developing new business propositions together with partners in the value chain
  • Developing new products and services that have a lower environmental impact or have a positive contribution to societal and environmental issues.