About us

Our mission

With New Energy Consulting we aim to develop a positive mindset upon sustainability in organizations, stimulate to embed it into the organisation and transform  towards meaningful brands and business . Because we believe that companies can fulfil an important role in the environmental and social challenges. by the way of running their business, the type of products they offer as well as stimulating the needs for the right products and right consumer behavior.

What we offer

New Energy Consulting supports companies that recognize the importance of sustainability, but are struggling how to embed this in a relevant and successful way in their organization and brand. We make sustainability relevant and visible for your organisation, brands, customers, employees and society.

Together with our customer we explore the logical match between the identity and strength of a company and brand and relevant environmental and societal topics. We translate this into a valuable sustainability strategy and concrete projects in your organization, that are resulting in meaningful brands that attract customers, engaged employees, new product innovations and business propositions, cost savings and business growth.